Will I recieve a confirmation?

No AGSA confirmation materials will be sent through the mail. They are all available to be downloaded from the Required Forms tab.

 Is there a camp store?

Yes. You will find snacks, Gatorade and pizza for the evening, in addition to camp tee shirts and IWU soccer gear for sale. The recommended amount of money for the week is around $50-75. That's a lot of pizza and Gatorade!

 Are teams welcome?

Yes. Team participation is encouraged. Contact a camp director who will work with you to establish a training program for the week. Practice together all week, choose your roommates, set team goals for the upcoming season. You can also receive a team discount if enough teammates register.

 Do I need indoor shoes?

Yes, in case of inclement weather, there are indoor facilities available at IWU. They do not need to be indoor soccer shoes, but they cannot be cleats; any tennis shoe will do.

 What will the weather be like in July?

Typically: HOT and HUMID. The dorms at IWU are fully air conditioned, however, for comfort and cool during the down times.

 My schedule for the summer is busy, can I come for just part of the camp?

Yes. If your schedule only allows for attending one or two days, we can work around this in order for you to participate in the camp. Your registration fee would be adjusted accordingly based on how many days you are present.

 What are the policies for commuting campers?

Commuters are certainly welcome to attend AGSA, and have been an important part of the overall success of the camp! All commuters are expected to stay at IWU for the entire camp day, including lunch and dinner in the IWU dining hall. There is a commuter lounge with TV and VCR set aside for day campers comfort. There are also extra rooms available if commuters wish to nap between sessions.