Illinois Wesleyan Girl's Soccer Camps


I would recommend IWU Girls Soccer Camp because...

"IWU soccer camp was definitely one of the highlights of my summer. I got to reconnect with players that I had previously played against. Not to mention that the college players and coaches were so encouraging. It's a great way to play a sport you love while meeting a bunch of new girls."
- Alice F.

"Camp was a great opportunity to improve on my soccer skills and meet new people in the process. I especially enjoyed exposure to the mix of college coaches that participated. It was interesting to experience their different styles and approaches to different parts of the game. I am confident that my game has improved noticeably after participating in the camp. I am even more excited for the whole college experience. Overall, the camp was the highlight of my summer."
- Maggie D.

"Camp was a lot of fun, everyone was willing to help. You could talk to the coaches and IWU players about anything; they made you feel at home."
- Kendall H.

"The camp was an incredible experience. The environment like the campus, soccer field, and dorms was just awesome. The coaching staff, college players and the other campers were all so friendly and personable and always had a positive attitude that just made camp so much fun for me. And you got a lot of one on one attention from the all the coaches, and they always gave you positive feedback and they had so much to teach you about the game. All in all the camp was just absolutely amazing and made me a much better playing and I'm so glad that I got the chance to experience it all."
- Taylor H.